Friday, September 3, 2010

Hurricane Earl is Now Gone!!

Looks like this Labor day and my birthday will turn out pretty good Hurricane Earl completely went over and no destruction in our area inland. I mean don't get me wrong its still over the edge of our state but there not really expecting more than a lil rain except the outerbanks. This was great news but would've been nice to get a lil rain at least but I'm just happy nothin was tore up and no one was hurt. I'm watchin the news this mornin and they said mainly the outer banks and beaches felt it no one else really, Earl just wasn't as strong as they thought it was gonna be. I do wish luck to the others up the east coast although our state was supposed to get the worst of it and that won't too much I would say especially all near beaches to be more careful. Good Luck and I have all in his path in my prayers.

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Hollywood Chic said...


I heard that Earl was the storm that wasn't, from friends who live on the coasts and capes from Main to NC.

So glad you still have power and the stormed weakened from what they first said.

By the way I'm two days early but Happy Birthday, chances are I will not be on much.


Danyale N. said...

thank you so much that was sweet I appreciate it alot!!

Yeah the storm weakened down to a category 2 before hitting land so that is what made it not do much of anything....