Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Warmables Review

I received the container and cover pouch from Warmables to review. I thought this was such a unique little container, because it comes with the little pouch to heat up and place inside the pouch with your container and it keeps things warm for alot longer time frame than your typical lunchboxes and stuff. Anyways I tried this out with my mom she is always going down and sitting and spending time with the landlord and helping her in her yard with her pretty flowers so I figured I would pack her lunch in this to keep warm for awhile. My mom said it worked great she heated up a piece of chicken and placed in the container for the day she didn't get around to eating til mid afternoon and yet the food was just as hot as it was when she took it out of the microwave. So you can always have a hot lunch even when your not at home and no need to try to hunt down a microwave at your work place and such. The only thing that I hate is that the little container don't hold much to take with you but this is great for kids as well by just putting what you want in it and in the pouch and then in your child's book bag and send them off to school and now they have a hot healthy lunch all thanks to Warmables and there great idea to make this.

I received the warmables container and cover shown above and no other payment. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.