Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rock N Learn Review

I received the Phonics Volume 1 & Phonics Volume 2 DVD's from Rock N Learn to review. This has got to be one of the easiest and best ways I can think of for a child to learn and have fun while they do it. I called up my sister and asked if she was coming over the weekend I got these and she said yes so she swung by couldn't stay long but I asked her to take these to her son, my nephew who is 8 years old so figured this would be perfect for him. I watched these before sending them over to her and my nephew to watch and I really love how fun they made this for kids, I really wish they had stuff like this when I was a child because learning was always a hassle no matter what it was you were learning it was a chore and no one wanted to do it. With these videos it makes it easy and fun and the younger your child I really don't think they mind learning with these fun videos. My nephew called me up that night after watching them and said he loved them, he also loved the animation and music as well. It really helped him with his short vowel sounds and he said he learned some stuff from these movies. I can tell you from some of the cartoons, and learning cartoons and such that I have seen on tv I think this has to be the best I have seen to get a child's attention and keep it and teach them in such a fun way. I give 5 stars to Rock N Learn for this great product.

Conroe, Texas (July 14) In the mid-80s two brothers—one a school psychologist and the other a rock musician—had an idea. They would combine their respective expertise to develop and launch an educational program that puts multiplication facts to rock music and eventually rap music. Over twenty years later, Rock ‘N Learn has set the standard for learning products, receiving numerous prestigious awards and honors as well as acclaim from educators and parents alike. From math and reading to science and Spanish , Rock ‘N Learn adds a cool and contemporary beat to the subjects kids need most, successfully and effectively extending the classroom experience anywhere and anytime.

Phonics Volume 1 DVD - $19.99

Phonics Volume 2 DVD - $19.99

The Set - $34.99

Rock ‘N Learn can be found in top school supply and specialty stores nationwide (the full list can be found at
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as well as Barnes & Noble’s education DVD section, Amazon.com and the company’s own Website (www.rocknlearn.com).

I received the 2 dvd's shown above and no other payment for this. The above is my opinion of the product only.

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