Monday, August 16, 2010

I Hate To Do This But Ya'll Need To Know!!

Ok I normally don't do this but have been thinking it over in my head for weeks now on what to actually say in this post but I believe in letting my readers know the good with the bad about companies that I work with. I have been doing reviews and giveaways since January of this year and have worked with alot of great companies but only two stick out to be bad companies well at least from what I have seen and experienced. I wrote reviews on one but never had the chance on the other so the original review on the one was good at the time but since then I have found them not to be as great.

1st Company is the one I did a review on was Kajeet which was intended for kids to have a cell phone. This company is very unprofessional and lacks customer service badly. I had received a phone from them and originally they were only gonna give me $25.00 on my account which was only good for features like net and games and such which I thought was bad upfront but the girl I worked with fixed it where I had service which was great after she had to refund money on my credit card which the site says it won't charge if entered... WRONG!

I had great phone service but the net pulled no pages at all, and even though I had a bluetooth adapter I could not pull ringtones off my computer the phone blocked it and yet never had this problem before. When I contacted them about it they changed PR reps on me without letting me know and that was after I sent the error messages I got to them, so I had to rewrite it for the new rep. The woman informed that the previous had sent it to customer service and she would do the same and customer service would contact me yet they never did, and they never fixed the issues. All this played out more after I did my review which I hated, then to top it off when my free service ended I tried to keep it by buying the plan myself, this was so frustrating. I added my credit card and was charged $1.00 every time I tried to pay for my plan I didn't know this til I contacted paypal, and the sad thing is I had plenty of money to get the plan in my paypal. I called customer service and they said they have to go through my account to do the same well it did it again continued to charge me a $1.00 every time they hit buy...GRRR by now I was mad.

I won't say that my PR was bad but the company itself has alot of improving to do because they want business yet impossible to make payments and yet they want me to keep my card on file why so they can pull cash off whenever they want. I have been with alot of cell phone companies in the past but this has to be the worst. I even ended up using my ma's credit card which also ad money on it and same thing happened. All I can say is if your in the market to get a cell phone stay clear of this one.

2nd company I never reviewed for or did a giveaway like I was supposed to. It's Wild Texas Wear I liked the PR I worked with and they let me choose what I wanted to review and giveaway yet they sent me one thing I wanted and some other stuff instead, I mean why ask if your not sending what I asked for. That wasn't the worst part I asked for a 2X in size and when I received the shirts all were marked 2X but there was no way they were bigger than a large. So I contacted the company and told them this they said there was no way but wanted me to send the shirts back so they could make sure more the less I won't lying. We'll they had UPS pick the shirts up the same day I received it then contacted me a couple days later saying they hadn't received it. When I told them I sent it through there account there like yeah ok we got it we will get back to you. Never heard from them again and I repeatedly emailed them to see what they found out and all. I think they brushed me off as a liar and that is one thing I'm not, but I'm a plus size woman and you send me something that looks like a medium and I will be able to tell the difference. I think because the way they handled this makes them a company to stay clear of.

Then reading my friends post of the issues she had with them makes me glad I never had to fully work with them, but say stay clear of them as well. Here is her link if your interested in her issues. I'm sorry again for having to write this but I hope everyone understands why I did because a few bad companies out of a hundred or so good ones is not bad but I wanted to let my readers know so you have been warned and not blind sided with these companies, because you my readers matter most to me.

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Dana said...

I appreciate your honesty and oppinion! Thanks for caring about
your me :)!

Hollywood Chic said...

I had the same problem with the second only after doing extensive work in SEO for him as asked.

Hollywood Chic said...

Don't feel bad you have all the right to complain if you feel the need to. I have a post coming tomorrow (I am giving a full 24 hours to respond) in regards to a SCAM i received from an Asian company who agreed to do a review of product then in the third email said I had to send $109 via paypal after they had my contact information. FasFever.

Danyale N. said...

@Hollywood Chic I think everyone is gettin them I had the same thing happen from them