Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dublin Dog Collar Review

I received a collar from Dublin Dog to review. I was so happy to get this because I was needing a new collar for my dog Lulu anyways so this was a great thing to receive in the mail. I normally don't like pink but my dog seems to so I picked a cute little pink collar for my fur baby. I love the material its made out of its like a rubber material that's easy to wipe off if it gets dirty which with Lulu bein a outside dog as well as inside it makes cleanup easy. I got a large collar because she is lab and pit bull so I figure with her bein young she may get alot bigger so I got a big enough collar for anyways when I get her collars from the store there usually large. Now this collar was bigger than I thought it would be due to the fact the large size in the store isn't quite as big, but with this collar she can grow with it instead of growing out of it which I prefer anyways although I loved how they were willing to exchange it and customer service is great. It isn't like a big inconvenience because the buckle it has lets it be easy to store away in the collar itself which is nice. I love this collar it is too cute even on Lulu and she acted a fool when we got it and put it on her all happy she even went and showed the other dogs like she was so proud of this collar. Dublin Dog has so many cute designs for your pet and there the best design in collars I've seen in along time. There thick so they won't break easy either which is nice when I normally have to buy a new collar every couple months because the cheap ones tear so easy. The prices are great for what your getting so next time you decide to buy your fur baby a collar Dublin Dog is your one stop shop. Because there so easy to clean they don't collect bacteria either which keeps your baby healthy, plus it never stinks thanks to the material.

Santa Cruz-Kiva

I received the dog collar shown above and no other payment. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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