Friday, August 27, 2010

CSN Stores: Mesh Racks By Devant Review

I received the Devant 2 Tier Mesh Shoe Rack in Silver & the Devant Three Tier Mesh Etagere in Silver from which is one of CSN Stores to review. I have been needing shelves of some kind in our kitchen since we moved here, cause sadly there isn't alot of cabinets in our kitchen. Since we moved here we had to put all our can stuff and boxes and stuff on the floor near the fall all the stuff that was non perishable which makes the kitchen look so cluttered and I hated it. When I saw these two shelves I knew they would come in handy in my home due to there's not alot of space in my home so why not organize it. The Three Tier Rack was the first one we put together and seriously no added tools needed everything you need is in the box which was nice. It isn't very heavy whether together or apart in the box, so this would be great for even people with bad backs and such. It took us no more than 5 to 10 minutes to put together then put in the kitchen. Sadly I didn't have much to put on it right now bein its so late in the month for groceries and all but my cat found the rack quiet handy and made herself at home on the 2nd shelf. Although I haven't put any groceries on it yet I'm sure it will hold well when it holds my cat great and she's 10 pounds. I know she will be mad when we kick her off it and put food there cause she thinks its her new bed now ha ha. As for the 2 Tier Shelf it was just as easy to put together and we now have this in our bedroom holding our shoes which makes it more compact and neater looking which I like alot. These shelves have made our home look so much better. There strong, and can hold some heavier weight than I thought was possible with the mesh rack shelves but its so worth the money you pay for them. Now the shoe rack was a little hard to push down the shelves on so my husband had to help me but other than that it was easy even for women to put together. I'm so glad that CSN Stores let me review this because I trust there products and love alot of what they carry cause they carry so much stuff in all of there 200 stores, great for anyone check them out.

Devant 2 Tier Mesh Shoe Rack in Silver - $22.99

Devant Three Tier Mesh Etagere in Silver - $44.99

I received the 2 racks shown above and no other payment for this. The above is my opinion of the product only.

all thanks to the CSN Stores & brought to you by CSN Stores

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