Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Camping Can Be Romantic

I was going through my closet the other day trying to clean up the house and had forgot I had stuff where we had gone camping before. I had even forgot we had been camping probably cause it wasn't the highlight of my life, guess I have always been a more inside kind of girl. But me and Joe were talking bout it again and thought it might be nice to do again in the future, maybe in a camping ground this time. Now I agree camping is as close to nature as you can get which I love as long as I see no spiders or snakes..lol. The sounds kind of creep me out some as well but with my camping gear and my husband by my side I shouldn't be as scared. You could really make a romantic time out of going camping with your spouse or boyfriend or whatever. Plus gives the man time to be rugged and outdoorsy like they love to be. Your man can be your own prince charming to save you from any horrible animals in the night which is very sweet and I love that cause I don't know what I would do with out Joe sometimes. Now my anniversary is coming up and we were thinking it would be cheaper to go camping but not sure yet if we will or not because I still love my hotels and the resort camping grounds I would like to go to are so far away and don't have much money to work with due to that, maybe next year. Now I know I still have all my camping gear so just throw it on the back of the truck stop by and get some sodas for the cooler and on we will go.

I am compensated with money for this sponsored post. This is 100% my life experience though.

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