Thursday, June 10, 2010

Quick Note!

I found out a couple people may have won the same item from another blog as from here intentionally and that kinda urks me and I don't mean you can't enter my same contest that's on alot of other blogs as well I mean don't go enter one and win it and know you did then run over here real fast and enter my same one that's just bein greedy. I find out your doing it then your banned from any of my giveaways from then on out. I love doing what I do but I don't appreciate greedy people when there are people who need it worse or would like a better chance at winning something and knowing the others are cheating to get ahead. Now this isn't towards my faithful followers it was someone I recently heard about that entered only a couple of my giveaways. If your not doing this then you have nothing to worry about but if you are you should be ashamed. I won't name names cause I don't know for sure if what I heard was true but please people have a conscious I mean everyone who wins on my blog is completely through and if your cheating I won't know right off the top and the number generator don't care it will pick the same person back to back and still not care. Just think about others please.

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Jenna Wood said...

I don't enter giveaways I've won on other blogs (Corel for example :) I do enter multiple giveaways for the same item, but if one contest closes before another and I were to win I'd notify the second win. No sense in getting two of the same thing, and like you said, it's greedy! Don't sponsors forbid that anyway? I know I read in some of the rules sponsors will limit giveaway wins for up to 3 months!

tinagirl said...

I enjoy visiting lots of different blogs & I enter many contests. I won the DownEast Basics giveaway on A Nut in a Nutshell which is why I didn't enter this one. In fact, it stated that winner must not have won a giveaway from DownEast Basics in the last 90 days on her blog so I'm guessing that's DownEast Basics policy. I've never won a Twisted Orchid giveaway
so I'm trying my luck at that one & I think I'll enter for the cat bed as well for my furbabies!

Danyale N. said...

Jenna some companies mention it as a policy but others don't which I think should be everyones policy. Like I said i don't mind if you enter on several sites at same time but the person I heard from said the person entered one on another site won and then ran over and entered one of mine and won not sure which giveaway or if it was even true just urks me when someone takes away from someone who needs it more or doesn't have the product. Now if i put a giveaway up you have already and won and the last day couple hours to go no ones entered it its fair game unless company says other wise. Because I want to give the stuff to someone instead of no one but I hope ya'll understand.

Tina I appreciate your honesty and not entering the downeast basics for that reason good luck on the twisted orchid though and the cat bed!