Friday, June 18, 2010

Perfect Glasses USA Review

I received the Bobby Sunglasses from Perfect Glasses USA to review. I saw these on the site and thought they were kinda cute and figured why not give them a shot. Well I got them very fast because the shipping was fast which is great for a company they get A+ in my book for that. Well these were even cuter in person and was so glad I got these the only question I had in my head when trying them on was being they have tint across the top but not at the bottom if they were gonna be good enough in the sun. Well another thing they fit me perfect like they were made just for me which was great. Well the other day I really got to try these out for the first time, it was real bright outside and we were gonna go over to a friends house. So I slipped these on and went out the door amazed by the fact that it tents perfectly yet still gives you just enough to see through the bottom to be able to read something without taking them off every single time which was awesome. I wore these the whole day while out and they were just so comfortable as well as very affective. I've never owned any sunglasses so stylish and there a European wear as well so they definatly have great taste in what they wear. I'm very picky about the glasses whether sunglasses or prescription glasses so they have to meet up to a certain expectation from me and these went way and beyond past that. This company has alot of nice glasses and some are real low in price which makes it easier to afford and thats not just sunglasses that's there prescription glasses as well. I love alot of there styles but the one I got from Perfect Glasses USA was the perfect fit for me, I hope ya'll find yours too.

Bobby Sunglasses - $19.00

The Bobby is European inspired design and function. Set yourself apart from the crowd and protect you eyes from the blazing sun.

I received the bobby sunglasses shown above and no other payment. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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