Wednesday, June 16, 2010

HomeFree Cookies Review

I received several packs and a box of cookies from HomeFree Cookies to review. I figured everyone loves chocolate chip cookies I know me and my family love them so figured trying organic ones shouldn't be too bad plus there better for you because they are organic. Well I absolutely loved the chocolate chocolate chip cookies yummy they tasted great didn't taste like organic at all it tasted as if you bought regular cookies from the store, so same great taste yet better for you. The only thing I didn't like about any of the cookies were they were kinda dry but a glass a milk fixes that issue, also there not too soft or easy to eat for people with no teeth my mom couldn't eat them without dipping in her coffee. These cookies are also great for people who have food allergies although I don't I think this is a great asset for the company because there are alot of people that can't eat what they love due to the allergies. I think these are better for diabetics which my mom loves cause there lower in sugar than your conventional cookies. I love they donate some of there profits made to helping organizations that help provide food allergy research and education. They make there deserts in a dedicated bakery to make sure none of the allergy foods get through so its a company you can trust. So as you can see HomeFree Cookies does have alot of great aspects to look at and all in all a great company with great foods.

Information on the company:


According to a recent study conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics, since 1997 the number of children with food allergies has increased by 18 percent. At the present time, four percent of children in the United States suffer from food allergies! As summertime approaches we want to remind parents about the importance of providing safe snacks for summer camps , pool parties, and play dates as it’s important that kids have baked treats they can all share together – with or without allergies. Inclusion is key.

HomeFree cookies are a better snacking option for both kids and parents as they are organic, made from wholesome whole grain and free of common food allergens including peanuts, tree nuts, dairy and eggs. Unlike most food allergy products, HomeFree cookies taste great - not like the cardboard box they come in.

I wanted to see if you are interested in sampling HomeFree cookies to see for yourself how great they actually taste. I’ll bet that if you didn’t know they were an allergy-free cookie, you wouldn’t have known they are an allergy-free cookie.

Created by Jill Robbins, a clinical psychologist and author of “Allergen Free Baking,” she turned to baking when her son was diagnosed with severe food allergies. Jill’s goal was to create delicious, wholesome treats that her son, and everyone with or without food allergies, can enjoy together. Today, her company makes a variety of cookies and coffee cakes in a dedicated baking facility, where the HomeFree team conducts allergen testing on ingredients and random product batches to ensure that each product is free of common food allergens.

HomeFree products are:

§ Free of peanuts, tree nuts, eggs and dairy

§ Certified whole grain – each cookie serving contains at least ½ serving of whole grains

§ Certified organic

§ Fine for most people allergic to wheat (not gluten-free; contain oats)

§ Fine for most people allergic to soy (most contain soy lecithin)

§ Baked and packaged in a dedicated bakery

§ Allergen tested

§ Without trans fat or cholesterol

§ Without corn sweeteners, artificial colors, artificial flavors, MSG, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

§ Certified vegan (oatmeal cookies, and coffee cakes)

§ Certified kosher pareve and some available Pas Yisroel

HomeFree cookies, allergen-free baking cookbook and specialized allergen-tested baking ingredients are available for purchase through the company’s website. The cookies are available at over 450 retail locations nationwide including participating Whole Foods, Wild Harvest sections of Shaw’s supermarkets, Food Town and Giant Carlisle Supermarkets, as well as at a growing number of supermarket chains and institutions such as schools, camps, and sporting venues.

For more information on our allergy-free treats, check us out at

You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook!

HomeFree cookies carry a suggested price of $4.99 per box at retail locations or $5.49 per box (plus shipping and handling) through the company’s website, HomeFree cookies are available in a variety of flavors including chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip, and oatmeal (6.3 ounce boxes), as well as mini chocolate chip, mini chocolate chocolate chip and mini oatmeal chocolate chip. Individually wrapped cookies are $1.49 each or $14.90 for a case of 12.


I received the items shown above and no other payment. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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