Friday, June 4, 2010

Help Wildlife Impacted by the BP Oil Spill

It breaks my heart to watch tv and see how many animals lives it has taken due to this oil spill. I know I don't have the money at the moment I barely get by but I want to spread the word if there is one person that reads this that can help out with donations or even help then please find in your heart to do so.

If this video breaks your heart donate whether money or time

Watch HERE

Here is a link to tell you more

This is from there site.....

How Can You Help:

1.Volunteer for the Cleanup Efforts - The National Wildlife Federation is helping coordinate the on-the-ground volunteer effort, including NWF's Gulf Coast Surveillance Teams, which are being set up to monitor the coastline for wildlife in distress.

2.Donate to the National Wildlife Federation's Gulf Oil Spill Restoration Fund - You can help wildlife threatened by the oil spill by donating online, making a leadership gift or donating via your mobile phone. Your support will help NWF's on-the-ground volunteer and restoration efforts.

3.Speak Up for Cleaner Energy Choices - Tell your senators that now more than ever we need to pass comprehensive legislation that provides America with cleaner and safer energy choices.

4.Help Spread Messages Online - Follow @NWF on Twitter or join us on Facebook to get all the latest updates about the BP Oil Spill. On the ground in the Gulf? Share your photos and videos on Flickr by tagging them SPILL_NW10.


PLEASE, if you find wildlife along the Gulf Coast that you think may have been injured by the oil spill, do NOT attempt to rescue it. Call the Oiled Wildlife hotline at 866-557-1401.

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