Thursday, May 27, 2010

TIBF: Kiro Travel Pillow Review

I received the Kiro Travel Pillow from TIBF to review. I was happy to try this product out because I'm forever falling asleep sitting up or in the car or something so figured this would help me out. Well it came in the mail and looked so soft and thought this might be the greatest thing in the world for me... sadly wrong at that note. The reason being is around your neck it feels like a neck brace and you can hardly move your neck at all, not sure what was supposed to be comfortable about this at all. Plus not even long around my neck and it broke me out bad on the back of my neck in a rash tried this again another time and it does the same thing, not sure what the material is but I sure can't wear it at all. Maybe this would be great for some one who has had neck surgery or maybe someone who rides a plane alot but I guess just for every little travel use I would definatly have to pass. As for my family they agree with me and there in the medical field and they agree its too much like a C-Collar they use when someone breaks there neck and so on. This would definatly work great to keep in your car maybe so if you or someone in your car got in a wreck but that's about it and its soft. I'm pretty sure there are other good uses for it but think my household will pass on this item. TIBF I don't think made this pillow to be used for everyday use or small trip uses at all so only best if at a distance. I would take my standard pillow by far any day.

Traditional travel pillow:

1. Air or high density memory foam. This foam is hot and does not offer proper support.

2. Unable to find a comfortable position because the wearer keeps waking because their head bobs back and forth.

3. Difficult to store when not in use. Can not be easily folded or reduced in size.

Wear the Kiro Pillow while working on the computer at work or at Home.Wear a kiro Pillow while you are on your computer at work or home.
Kiro travel pillow:

4 Cs

1 Designed by a Chiropractor. This pillow is ergonomically correct and keeps the head and neck in proper alignment.

2 More Comfortable than traditional travel pillows because it offers support in front rather than behind the neck. Allows the neck muscles to be completely rested and you sleep for longer periods

3 Compact and can be folded and tucked away for easy storage. After storage, retains its original shape and size.

4 Cool, lightweight, pillow density foam. Much cooler temperature than memory foam.

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I received the kiro travel pillow shown above and no other payment for this. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed upon by everyone.

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