Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Survey & My Thoughts

I ended my survey today and wanted to touch base with some of the answers through it.

First and foremost someone suggested changing my layout/background well upfront I had originally not planned to do it I'm really bad with change although I came to my blog one day and my background was missing and me I had forgot to upload it to my photobucket and was using off someone else, so figured mine as well change it it was as good a time as any.

Another thing was proof reading my reviews, well actually I do I love flock for this reason it proof reads for me but I'm southern and with my blog I refuse to lose who I'am as a person so with that I have hardly ever pronounced my g's or t's on some words so if you see it done that way it is completely on purpose I promise you, I'm sorry if people can't understand that but unless its complained by the companies I will continue to do so.

Thanks to all the compliments on my blog from the ones who did say they loved it I try to be as unique and down to earth as possible. I will talk to anyone so if you ever just want to drop me a line to say hi go for it, granted I'm super busy most days so if I don't get right back to you will know why please don't get mad or think I'm stuck up.

I'm glad the most of ya'll are not offended by the adult products that I do reviews on and giveaways because the whole point of my blog bein misc. is you never know what I might throw up next and I love bein simi unpredictable.

I'm glad my reviews have made some of ya'll buy stuff and some of ya'll plannin on buyin stuff, I know in the future I plan on buying some of the stuff I have reviewed as well, so it works out great for all of us.

And last but not least again I want to thank all of ya'll who did my survey for taking the time to help me know what ya'll like to see here on my blog, granted because I do have a lower amount of followers than some blogs I have to fight my way to the top but I would eventually like to offer ya'll bigger and better stuff along the way. Again thanks to all who have made this possible for me so far and I'm thankful to have each and everyone of ya'll apart of this journey with me. Thanks!!

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