Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Honeycat Cosmetics Review

I received Frisky Kitty Bath Time Fizzy/bath bombs, Honeycat Warm Milk Martini, and Sweet Potato Pie Grooming Day Bubble Stuff from Honeycat Cosmetics to review. I was so happy to get to try this stuff there site caught my attention first because being a cat lover there site is adorable right down to the cats meow. I had never tried a milk bath before but heard it is so good for your skin so I was so happy to get to make me a hot bath with this stuff. Sadly I didn't even know how much to put in the bath so I poured some in until my water looked milky colored, then got in. It didn't feel any different than a regular bath I guess I was expecting something different. But its weird because when I got out out I dried off thinking it did nothing for my skin until I was dry and then I felt over my skin and it was just so soft. I took several baths in this and totally fell in love with it for anyone who hasn't tried a milk bath you should really give it a try and it smells so great. As for the Sweet Potato Pie bubbles I gave to my mom because I hate sweet potatoes and knowing I would get out smelling like it was enough for me to pass on to my mom. She has real dry skin and she said unlike most bubble wash and other soaps that dry her skin out this did not it actually helped her skin better, she loves it. As for the Bath Bomb for the life of me I can't remember what scent I was sent because the day I got it I just put it in my bath I think it was the Rose & Lemongrass although I do know it smelled great. This was another great product that left my skin so soft, I don't think I have ever pampered my skin the way I did with these products. Of your like me and think all the bubbles and soaps out there are all the same, or you don't have alot of time to think about your skin and stuff, then Honeycat Cosmetics is a great company with great products to try and you will see the difference.

Bath Bomb - $10.00

Comes in these scents
Rose & Lemongrass
Cocoa Butter
Lilac & Honey

Sweet Potato Pie Grooming Day Bubble Stuff
8oz- $8.00
12oz - $20.00

Honeycat Warm Milk Martini - $20.00

I received the bath stuff shown above and no other payment for this. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed upon by everyone.

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Jenna Wood said...

These look like so much fun. I love small name cosmetics and bath products. Plus the kitty theme is cute too!