Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hard Candy Review

I received some makeup from Hard Candy to review. I was so happy to receive this because I haven't been able to buy any new makeup in awhile due to how expensive it has gone up to bein. I have been lookin for some good makeup for awhile alot of the ones I have tried and wasted my money on broke me out, or made my skin oilier. Well Hard Candy has alot of really nice things on there site and I love the colors of the makeup choices as well. I got from Hard Candy a purple mascara, Lava color finger nail polish, lipstick pencil, & space color eye shadow. At first just seeing the fingernail polish of lava is like a red with glitter color to it I was thinkin I'd never wear red on my fingernails but it came out so cool lookin with the glitter look I love it. The eye shadow is really dark and I have never worn that dark of a color before but figured I'd try it and it actually gives my eyes the shading I have been looking for which is great. The lip pencil added extra shimmer to my lips, and the only downfall is the mascara I have been wantin to try the colored mascaras to add color to my eyes so I was glad to get the purple but no matter how much I put on you never could see it yet every time I closed my eyes it ended up on my face. I'm not sayin this is Hard Candy's fault by no means all there products are great quality I can tell that, its just either I really need to learn how to put mascara on which I have never used but a couple times in my life, or it shows better on someone with lighter color eye lashes. I love there products are sold at Walmart for descent prices so I will start lookin next time I go to the store for other choices to mix with as well. Sorry if you can't see the glitter in the nail polish I tried.

All products can be found at your local Walmart for some of the prices below

Fingernail Polish - Hard Candy Just Nails with Ring - $5.00

Ginormous Lash - Volumizing Mascara - $6.00

Kaleyedescope - Baked Eyeshadow Duos - $6.00

Visibly Wet - Glossy Lip Pencil - $6.00

Other great products on there site you can find here

I received the makeup shown above and no other payment for this. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed upon by everyone.

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Jenna Wood said...

I'm a big fan of Hard Candy, but can seldom afford it :( Love the sparkles!