Thursday, May 27, 2010

American Idol 2010

I'm so ecstatic tonight I was so happy to see Lee Dewyze won the american idol he so deserved it. Good Luck to Chrystal because I believe she will get something soon but I was so happy to see them all back on there. Janet Jackson just didn't sound like herself tonight to me, and was glad to see Paula show up. As for was kinda upset alot of the idols for this yr sang with someone yet they never let Tim that urked me somethin awful. Gonna definatly miss Simon I think he made that show so much better not sure if I will watch it next year and I know if his show is on at the same time American Idol may just have to go. Now to prepare for America's Got Talent... Who else enjoyed the finale of American Idol? Feel free to say whatever about it.

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