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10 Great Gift Ideas for Mothers Turning 50

I thought since mother's day is right around the corner posting some things that might be helpful the mother in your life like the info below and if I run across a few more things as well.

This is info gift ideas for the mothers in your life turning 50... but I'm sure it would work for other ages as well.


10 Great Gift Ideas for Mothers Turning 50

Delight your mom with a digital photo frame; touch her with a portrait from the past; personalize her own calendar; create a special audio CD for her; surprise her with a video documentary; buy her a posh garden kit; grab her a cookbook; inspire her with a piece of gold jewelry; treat her for a day at the spa; and indulge her with candies. These are some of the really great ideas you can give your great mom on her golden day.

Moms deserve extra special gifts on their 50th birthday. It’s a golden day to celebrate her courage and constant love for you and the rest of your family through the years. Here are some really unique and memorable gift ideas you can consider for the best mom in the world:

Delight your mom with a digital photo frame

Who says golden moms can’t have one of these gadgets? Surprise you mom with a digital photo frame, maybe around seven inches perfect for her side table. Load it with pictures of your family, her friends, colleagues, and other personal favorites to make the gift perfectly on her special day.

Touch her with a portrait from the past

One of the best 50th birthday ideas you can give your mom include a portrait of her from the past. Look for a solo vintage picture of her for a more classic and surprising gift. Restore the photo, have it enlarged, and frame it with an antique-looking frame. You can also have the picture painted to add more sentiment to your gift. A complete family picture when you were younger would be very lovely, too. Any picture you think she likes a lot, will actually do.

Personalize her own calendar

Especially when your mom’s birthday falls on December or on the early months of the year, it’s a great idea to give your mom a personalized calendar. Scenic, as well as family pictures and proverbs or quotes are great calendar ideas. This calendar would not only remind her of the dates of the year, but it becomes a special something for her to smile about every day of the year.

Create a special audio CD for her

Another touching 50th birthday gift you can give your mom would be recorded greetings from her loved ones. You can burn an audio CD with special greetings from family, relatives, and close friends. Companies like LifeonRecord can also help you do this without having the need to personally go to each of your mom’s specials friends. If you decide to do it yourself, you can also include some of your mom’s favorite songs on the CD to make your gift more memorable.

Surprise her with a video documentary

A fun gift is always a memorable gift. You can make a video documentary of the old videos you and your family have recorded through the years. Include birthday greetings of loved ones, too, to make it more special. If you’re planning to throw a birthday party for her, you can also show this video during the party.

Buy her a posh garden kit

If your mom loves gardening, you might want to give her a posh garden kit. Choose red or any favorite color of hers to make your gift more special and memorable.

Grab her a cookbook

Make sure your mom loves to cook if you choose this gift. Buy her a cookbook for family days and gatherings. You can choose a cookbook with a variety of dishes or those that are specific for pastas, barbecues, or a favorite international cuisine.

Inspire her with a piece of gold jewelry

It’s her golden day and your mom surely deserves to receive something golden, too. She may have a lot of jewelries in her box, but a piece of gold jewelry from you would always have a special place in her jewelry box and in her heart. You can buy her a pendant, a pair of earrings, or even a jewelry set. It all depends on your budget and what she might find interesting to receive and wear.

Treat her for a day at the spa

Moms love breaks , especially at the spa or parlor. Give her an extra special birthday gift by treating her for a day at the spa. Join your mom or let a close friend join her to make her relaxation more enjoyable and memorable.

Indulge her with candies

Candies? Sounds unlikely for moms, but they really make great gift idea. Give her a basket of mixed candies from her childhood and not only will you revive the youth in her, but you will also bring back those precious and priceless memories of her childhood.

The gift you give your mom on her 50th birthday need not be expensive or luxurious. What is important is that you are able to touch her heart and make her feel she is the best mom in the world, worthy and deserving of your love.

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