Monday, April 26, 2010

Tonic Hair Care Luster Tonic Review

I received 2 bottles of Luster Tonic and a bag with Tonic written on it all from Tonic. It is a leave in conditioner that is suppose to protect from UV ray's, protect hair from the effects of sun, salt, wind and chlorine and help with split ends, breakage and dry, tangled hair. Well I was so skeptical never have I ever used a leave in conditioner that ever worked. Sadly I have a bad habit of coloring my hair when I was younger I burnt it on some cheap hair color and my hair has never been the same. If I don't use conditioner my hair tangles in bad knots and its just very painful. I have used quiet a few products in the past and nothing ever worked I just have to put conditioner in my hair in the shower every other day or so, and stay away from alot of wind and such that makes it knot worse. All I can say is wow. Without using the conditioners in the shower I can spray this in my hair every day and get the same effect after taking a shower with out my hair bein all flat from the conditioner. I was so happy to try this product and it has such a lovely scent to it to, almost heavenly its a tropical smell, takes you away to the beach...well I wish ha ha. I've even got where when I get up and brush my hair I spray some in my hair and gives that wonderful scent plus is good for my hair. I got to really try it out today it was really windy today so I went outside and sat on the porch a bit today which I usually have to avoid due to the knotting of my hair. When I came back in I was able to take a brush straight through my hair just fine. This is heaven sent.

Info from site

Luster is a leave-in conditioning mist with powerful UV-inhibitors and natural botanical oils designed to protect hair from the damaging effects of sun, salt, wind and chlorine. Use before or after your outdoor exploits to avoid embarrassing stares, awkward silences and multiple trips to the bathroom mirror. Our unique cream-to-mist technology doubles as a luxurious moisturizer that re-hydrates dull skin with aloe vera and grapeseed oil, leaving a subtle scent of remote tropical island. Think French West Indies meets the Caribbean with a delicious blend of vanilla, banana and a hint of sparkling orange extract. Luster is the answer to split ends, breakage and dry, tangled hair. From knotty to nice, give a new meaning to surfer hair and luster your locks!

* Leave-in conditioning mist and luxurious body moisturizer made with aloe vera, grapeseed oil and wheat protein, for added volume and protection.

* Good to you and the environment: Paraben-free, sulfate-free, not tested on animals, contains no animal products or by-products, environmentally friendly and completely non-toxic.

* Spray on wet or dry hair, comb through, use generously for sleek, shiny hair. Enviable!

Luster Tonic--$14.00/ 8 oz bottle

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I received 2 Luster Tonic and a bag and no other payment for this. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed upon by everyone.