Friday, April 23, 2010

The Magic Bullet Review From CSN

I was so excited when I got the chance to work with CSN Stores and then I got a chance to get the Magic Bullet that I have been wanting forever now. I have watched the infomercial like 1,000 times and know how to use it just from what they show yet when I got the Magic Bullet I still sat down and read the book just to make sure I understood everything well .It was very easy to understand and I have seen several people leave bad reviews on this product yet some of the things they complain about plainly describes how not too or how to do something in the book, if those people would just read there would be no problem. I got my Magic Bullet from but its one of the many great stores from CSN Stores. Anyways the first thing I just had to make with it was milkshakes yummy. So I popped some ice cream in the Magic Bullet and locked in place and it blended it so smoothly... My whole family was wantin me to make milkshakes after that, so we were able to sit back and relax that day with something cool.

Then I turned around the next day and decided to make a ice slushy drink so I popped a cup full of ice and put some cherry flavored pepsi in it and screwed on the lid and blended it to a smooth slushy it was refreshing and I loved it as well. There are so many endless things you can do with this, and just like with my mom who has carpel tunnel this is great for her to make chicken salad and stuff without the chopping motion which hurts her wrists. We even can get coffee now and freshly grind it at home. This has just made my life and my families life so much easier thanks to CSN Stores for this chance to do so. They are a very great company and are now bookmarked for future orders for our house. All in all the Magic Bullet is everything that I already thought it was, and everything they show on tv. I use the color coated cups more than anything cause the conveince of making your drink right in the cup is awesome no extra dishes to wash either. It also came with a recipe book I can't wait to start using the ideas in it.

The Magic Bullet--$54.95

all thanks to the CSN Stores & brought to you by CSN Stores

I received the magic bullet from CSN Stores and no other payment. This is my 100% review and everyone may not agree with my opinion.

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