Sunday, April 4, 2010

Doritos Cheeseburger Flavor Review

I meant to write about these last month just gettin around to it though. I really wanted to try these cause here in my area there new well they were last month. But anyways I got a bag because I love Doritos but I really can't say I would ever buy these again. There so strong in flavor it takes away from it just bein a snack and you can barely get past that. So where you may eat a bowl of chips with these after about 10 if that your so tired of the taste you would have to put them up til later. Now granted they do taste like a cheeseburger matter of fact you can even taste the ketchup and mustard flavor on them as if you were eatin a cheeseburger from McDonald's. These would probably be great on a cheeseburger without putting any condiments on Anyways thats what I think of the cheeseburger Doritos, and if I were you I would stick with your original or cool ranch there still the best.

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