Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Piggy Paint Review

I received this and wasn't crazy about the random color at first cause it looked pink and I hate pink... but I figured I'd give it a shot. I wanted to try this product due to the fact I'm tired of hearing my husband complain about smelling fingernail polish or fingernail polish remover around the house so I either have to go outside and put my polish on or not wear it and I love wearing it to give a little spice but it gives him such bad headaches. Well winter time I haven't painted them one time this winter too cold to sit outside and paint them..lol. So when I received this the first thing I did was open it because I had never used fingernail polish or remover with no smell, well low and behold there right no smell... So then I figured no smell it probably won't stay on, or not long at least. Also I can tell you besides the no smell, love there colors, and love how it goes on smoother than most fingernail polishes so no clumps and easier to swipe on and go about your way. The fingernail polish remover says it will take off any fingernail polish so I tried that as well. And my outcome is it works just great, just as good as the original remover yet no awful smell. I also love that I put the polish on the first day and by mid day the color went on with a purple with pink shimmer by night time it had darkened and was this beautiful purple which is perfect for me. I really think this would be a great product for people with allergies or have problems with fingernail polishes and removers due to the strong smell, asthma people and kids. This is a great buy!

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