Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Important Question

I got an important question for all my readers and any company who reads this. As ya'll know I do a little of anything on my blog and am glad I do I have got to work with alot of great companies out there, and I recently got accepted by a sex toy site to do reviews and occasional giveaways. I really want to do this and just the same share with all my readers. I really hope none of ya'll will leave because of this we're all grownups. My questions are as follows and please be honest...

1)Should I make the whole blog with the Adult entry or just post Warning Adult post on each post I make that its for adults only? (I've seen both)

2)Will you stay a follower if I do this? (If you a company will you still let me pitch you)

3)Would you like to get sex toys and oils and such for a giveaway?

The key thing is I still want to do this and plan to I just want to hear out my readers as well, because without ya'll I wouldn't be where I'am.

2 amazing comments:

Rebecca Orr said...

Q1: I would just post a warning when you are doing a review/giveaway for said items. I wouldn't make your entire blog "adult"...(if it were me anyway).
Q2: I would still follow! I really like your blog, and enjoy the reviews and giveaways you do.
Q3: I would like giveaways for toys and other adult paraphernalia. I am not shy and it would not bother me to hear about what someones else ordered and tried out. I think that the majority of us here are adults and if there is a post that someone doesn't like, then they can move on and come back for the next post that might be more to their liking.

Danyale N. said...

thank you so much for the input... and I'm glad to know you would still follow. The first set I will be reviewing but after I hope to being doing giveaways as well for people like you who are interested thanks again