Friday, February 12, 2010

This is Important Please Read!!!

I want to let everyone know I won't be online much my computer is infected with virus's and won't let me online anymore. So I can only get to the library every once in awhile. So as you can see I will have my blog schedule to post certain giveaways and I will set all til the 3rd of March when I know I can get back to the library. Sorry for this inconvience, but don't know when I will be able to get back online. When I contact the winners it may take me a week to get back on or so to pass your info along to the companies and i'am so sorry for this so after the giveaway ends it may be one day or 3 days or even a week or so til I can contact you. Please understand I never had this planned and hate this has happened when I had giveaways setup for everyone for the next 2 months and now since it don't look like I will be back online for quiet sometime I'm gonna post half now and then at the first of the month post the other half of my giveaways.

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Vince | UPrinting said...

Oh that's sad! That's alright! i think everyone will understand. I'm sure that'll be fix. I hope to hear from you soon!