Friday, February 5, 2010

Sorry Haven't Been Around...But Read This

Hey ya'll sorry haven't been around lately its weird I have been goin to bed super early after watchin my shows, gettin up real early yet sorry still haven't made it to my blog... Listen up I do have reasons why first off computer still isn't running as smooth as I would like...grr its gettin better today has actually been one of its best so here's crossing my fingers, and knocking on wood. @nd when I have been on I have been tryin to download as much sims 2 stuff as I can for my game since I lost all my original downloads and wow but that can sometimes take days when on dialup. My family as in my husband and mom also use this computer as well so the last couple days they been gettin on more as well. Anyways I'm here and although I may not post every single day know theres probably somthin goin on in my life thats hectic thats why, just like last night I went to bed early due to a bad migraine startin up yet again.

But on a good note I was listening to On Air With Ryan Seacrest today and he was talking about wanting to get a dog(breed that is)to fit the name he had already picked out which was Zinger...aww so cute... anyways I left my idea on his twitter on my radio stations facebook account and yet felt I should suck it in and call the station. Well I called (1877-811-Ryan)and it rang lost my nerve and then hung up.. I know I'm a chicken so Joe called for me and I was kinda relieved when all it let you do was leave a message for Ryan so we did... maybe I will get the guts up one day to talk to Ryan on his show I'm just so afraid of making a fool out of myself on radio and in front of him when or if I start stuttering. Anyways thats how my days have been what about ya'lls hope everyones doin good.

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