Sunday, February 28, 2010

Forever Be A Angel (Poem I Wrote)

Forever Be A Angel

dedicated to Michael Jackson

All the pain and hurt I have kept bottled inside
Came to the surface the day you died
Now my heart is breaking
After all this I'm scared no more faking
All the rumors I believed
And you are the one I hurt and deceived

My chest aches with every breath I take
I finally learned to release all my hate
The tears have finally began to fall
I should've been there for you through out it all
I'm sorry it took you dying
To believe you weren't lying

I'm sorry I was one to cause you pain
Now your at peace no more pain again
You will always be apart of my life and me
if only the rest of the world could see
You will now forever be a angel you deserved to be
with your wings flying high and watcher of all you see

Copyright © 2009

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