Sunday, January 17, 2010

Woo Hoo 100 Followers!

OMG I came on tonight to find I have hit my 100 mark WOOHOO!!! I'm so freakin happy time to party.... Now next goal 200... I Think I Can....I Think I Can!!! Thanks to everyone who follows me!!!

4 amazing comments:

Danielle said...

You are welcome. ;)


Brittney said...


Juliana said...

Hey you! Congrats on your 1OO! Thank you for your comments...I love my son and do not take a single moment for granted. I was told I could not have children...and a miracle happened. I cannot safely have another child and it breaks my heart...but I have some friends who are willing to do surrogacy. My SIL tried for TEN years and could not have kids was heartbroken and has adopted five of the most amazing children in this world. They are our everything along with my families can be created just not always in the way you dreamed of....but it may turn out better than your dreams.

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