Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Team Are You On?

so tired about hearing on tv about Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien.... Well I myself can't stand Conan and never could he's a wanna be funny man and I have watched Jay sense Carson went off the air and refuse to stop til he retires. Conan is all mad cuz now NBC wants Jay to leave his 10pm spot and go to 11:35 and then Conan come on at !2:05am and he's mad cause its too late to come on.... well as far as I'm concerned if a person is a true late night tv watcher they'd watch anyways and he's just being ignorant because if any one is getting messed over its Jay with being cut down to a 30 min show from always being a hour I'm outraged about that. Now there talkin bout who's team is everyone on well I'm proud to say I'm Team Leno! Who's team are you on? I'm seriously curious running a poll leave a comment and tell me who you choose, click the poll below and show your support go ahead and post on your blog or make a blog about it... if you do would love to see so leave me link in comments please.

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