Sunday, January 3, 2010

Read Before Buyin A Magic Bullet From Auction Sites

I'm a big fan of the magic bullet my last roommate had one and I absolutely fell in love with it and have been wanting one ever since just lack of money to buy one. Anyways was just lookin around on amazon decided to see how much they wanted for one and all and came acrossed people complaining about and all and almost everything they complained about was just stupidity on there part and the ones who complained that the motor died on them explains what I'm about to say next. There was a message on there from the company that actually makes the magic bullet and they had quoted that there were alot of (lack for better word bootleg) versions goin around on the auction sites that are not the original and are messing up bad. Just wanted to warn anyone if you are wanting on DO NOT BUY FROM AUCTION SITES!!!! anyways here is the input they wrote:

Homeland Housewares is the sole rights holder of the Magic Bullet and all of its components including its recipe and user guide. We only sell our product through authorized retailers or directly on our web site or via our direct response television commercial. We are the owner of the trade mark "Magic Bullet" and exclusively sell our product under the Magic Bullet name throughout the world. We are not affiliated with the Magic "Kitchen" Bullet, the Amazing Chef, Amazing Bullet, or any other similarly named product which attempts to trade on our goodwill. Additionally, we have identified several counterfeit sellers who are using the Magic Bullet and Homeland Housewares names, trademarks, copyrights and patents without our permission. Unfortunately online auction sites, draw a number of unauthorized replicas. These are not legitimate products and should not be purchased. We cannot attest to the safety or quality of these unauthorized replicas since we do not manufacture or authorize them. We warrant only those Magic Bullets that are purchased from us or our authorized distributors, in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in our "10-Second Recipes And User Guide".

We receive numerous complaints from customers who are confused by and have purchased Magic Bullet look-a-likes and have been very dissatisfied with the quality. We continuously and successfully pursue the factories and distributors, of these unauthorized copies, including all auction site vendors, to the fullest extent of the law. If you have purchased one of these inferior products from a seller on auction site we strongly suggest you file a complaint with those sites, post a negative comment on the seller's profile, return the product to the seller and post a message here so others will not similarly be taken advantage of.

The safest method for purchasing an original 21-piece Magic Bullet is to order directly from the official Homeland Housewares Magic Bullet website or calling our customer service center. Alternatively our 17-piece Magic Bullet is available in stores at a number of authorized reputable retailers.

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