Wednesday, January 6, 2010

OMG!!! I Can't Wait Any Longer

OMG I just go the email from amazon since I had put an alert back months ago so when The Time Travelers Wife became available to let me know. Well I just got the message from them now I can pre-order for $16.99 yet it still don't release til February 9, 2010 OMG so much longer to wait I have read the book yet just the trailers along make me cry this movie has to be the first to do that just from trailers along. I so wanted to see it in the theaters but somethin came up and I didn't get to go so now I'm on this big anticipation into seeing it and yet it seems too far away still. Maybe I'll get it for Valentine's Day I'm hoping... Guess I'll just have to wait cause I can't watch it free online because sadly I'm on dialup :(

Pre-order Here

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