Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hello All

Well I'm around today actually went to bed pretty early at 8pm last night not feeling good and such and woke up at like 4am this mornin and me and Joe ate supper..lol yeah i know right guess instead of brunch we had suppfest...lmao. Anyways now here I am at noon and already gettin tired after bein up so long... who knows when I'll conk out today thinkin bout takin a nap sometime today. Anyways hope every one is doin ok.

I'm sittin here watchin Maury and am a polled at what they were just talkin bout, there sayin theres a site online which I won't name due to some men that might get the wrong idea anyways its a site made around married people hooking up while still living a lie guess some people never just heard of breaking up, I would think if the marriages end in divorce the owner of that site could be held responsible but who knows thats my thought.

Well kinda happy I have been needin a new mousepad badly my old one got punctured in moving so I have had to tape it up so I went online and bought me a new mousepad for $14.58 and that included shipping which wasn't bad when 5yrs ago when I bought the other one I had I bought for $14.99 plus tax at radio shack. Plus yesterday I got this cute charm bracelet I won as well I'll show pics as soon as I can. Anyways got to get somethings together but I will be posting another giveaway today or tomorrow so look for it.

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