Friday, January 29, 2010

Bad Weather Coming My Way.....Warning!

I have heard all over our news that were getting ready to get this winter storm coming our way, and unlike some of ya'll from states that are used to it but we are never ready for this kinda mess I'm near the beach were more used to hurricanes not snow or ice. Well our people don't know how to drive in this mess and when they say were gonna get ice and possibly have power out...that means were gonna get ice and our power will be out cause all the dumb drivers tryin to drive in it. There talkin it could start coming in this evening all through tomorrow and if our power gets kicked out will probably be a couple days. Well I'm gonna try to get ahead of the game my giveaway that ends today which is the t-shirts and my bracelet that ends on sunday will be announced and ended today no later than 6pm it will end early sometime today so just keep checking back I will do it anywhere from noon on to 6pm. Again sorry for this but I don't know when I would be back up and online if our power gets kicked and I want the winners stuff to be ahead and sent out to them. So until they say closed on each of the giveaways go ahead and get your entries in... and please wish us luck here in this bad weather coming our way. I will resume more giveaways when I get power back.

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