Wednesday, January 20, 2010

American Idol & Funny Moment Tonight

Well I'm a big American Idol fan and was watchin the show tonight and was about floored when this woman went up to Ryan Seacrest and plainly out right said she had erotic dreams about him i was like OMFG and yet Ryan acted so coy about now I know why I love him so much he was such a gentlemen about until at least til she left then he was like oh my HE has to be such a sweetie in real life hopefully one day I will get to find out and it will be a great day to post on my blog then. I couldn't really believe she could tell him that if I had dreams of him I wouldn't tell anyone and I sure wouldn't tell the question is do I ... I'm Not Telling! HAA HAA.

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Jennifer said...

Just added you to our follow list! Looks like you have some great blogs (go Ryan Seacrest)!

Here's a link to our blog!

Mass Hole Mommy said...

I'm in love with Ryan Seacrest. LOOOOOOVVVEEEE.

Danyale N. said...

he's definatly a major hottie i agree there although Johnny Depp has my heart first Ryan's in the top