Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Healthy Pet Okocat Cat Litter Review

Thanks to Healthy Pet Okocat for providing me with the product below to review with no purchase.

I received the Okocat Litter from Healthy Pet to review. I got this fast and couldn't wait to try it out.. I prefer clumping litter but its great that a company makes litter that isn't harmful to our cats. It is all made of natural ingredients from plant fibers. So I dumped my current cat litter and put this in the litter box to see how my cat would like it, and hoped for the best. She was cautious at first cause she smelled it was a different litter than we had ever used before. With time she did eventually use it. It does clump very well and makes cleaning the box a complete ease. Downfall is my cat hated that the grains are so small it always got stuck in her feet. So when she gets out of the litter box she leaves the litter outside the box as well due to it being stuck in her paws. So we spent alot of time sweeping up the mess due to that. She wasn't happy about it yet in away even if this litter gets on the floor it doesn't hurt if you accidentally step on it. I like this cat litter, and its true to its word 7 days before having to dump it. But when I did dump it the smell was severely strong by then. Not really anything I'm not used to but this litter has alot of perks to it that I love more than dislike. My cat is the on the other hand she uses Okocat but I know its not her favorite. 

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I received the litter above and no other form of payment for this review. This is my 100% opinion and may not be agreed on by all. Facebook has nothing to do with this review whatsoever.