Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How Things Have Been

I want to apologize to everyone that follows my blog. As most of ya'll know I did lose my stepfather back at the end of August and as you can see I tried to get back into blogging after only a month after his death but sadly I think it was too soon. I had days I couldn't think straight with the depression taking over. I have taken some time to heal and now I'm going to start pitching companies and try to bring ya'll what I can through the holiday season. I say what I can is because this time of the year is much harder to get companies but where I can I will and I will try to keep everyone updated on things. I am doing better I mean I still miss him but I'm trying to move on I know he would want that. Also I had planned to start a new blog at the beginning of the year but I no longer will be doing that. Reason being I have worked so hard on this blog for almost 5 years one way or another and I refuse to just let it go. Yes it will be harder for me to get back where I was since Google took my page rank but I refuse to give up just because of a company number. Those who want to work with me great those who don't I won't lose sleep over it is their loss not mine. I'm not here for the companies anyways I'm here for ya'll.