Friday, June 27, 2014

Barbara's Cookie Pies Oreo Creme Cookie Pie Review

Thanks to Barbara's Cookie Pies for providing me with the product below to review with no purchase.

I received the Oreo Cookie Pie from Barbara's Cookie Pies to review. I got this fast and just in time for my niece to be coming to spend the summer with me. I know she loves oreos just as much as I do so this was a perfect test for us to review. So she has always loved the chocolate cookie part to a oreo and well I am more about the creme so we decided to put this to the test. Oh my does it taste like oreos so dang good. Its like you bought a bag of oreos and sat down and ate them. The one thing I love about is there is more creme I used to be so bad about eatin the creme out of the oreos and leaving the cookie but with this cookie pie you get the best of both worlds and at a good amount that it satisfies your craving. My niece liked these alot too she said it was just the right amount of oreos to give you the chocolate taste as well as the creme as well. If your a oreo fanatic like me and my niece and whether your more for the chocolate or the creme then you will love this cookie pie from Barbara's Cookie Pies. This company has alot of nice sweets for those special occasions plus you can send online gift certificates as well to your loved ones. Try all their cookie pies today, and remember they are a pie you can eat like a cookie with less mess.

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I received the cookie pie above and no other form of payment for this review. This is my 100% opinion and may not be agreed on by all. Facebook has nothing to do with this review whatsoever.