Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ozeri Rev Digital Bathroom Scale with Electro-Mechanical Weight Dial Review

Thanks to Ozeri for providing me with the product below to review with no purchase.

The day before Christmas I was pleased to have received a new scale. It is the Ozeri scale. Now I have had to go a few months without a scale because my last one broke. I had actually learned to live without a scale. For the past 15 years I have had a digital scale and since my scale died I had looked at some other ones. Well I am glad to honestly say I do NOT need to look any further. The first thing that stood out about the Ozeri is its very modern almost futuristic design. Built of very sturdy polished material it is not at all an eye sore. The next thing that really stood out is around the digital read out I saw the good old analog dial we all knew as a kid. I loaded the scale up with 3 AAA batteries (included) and put it on the ground. Imagine my surprise when I thought it was broke. I pressed down on it with my right foot and nothing. I did it again. Nothing. A little aside myself I just climbed on thinking "I will PRETEND to weigh myself". As I stepped on the scale about 1/2 second after I was on it, it lit up. The digital readout started counting up as well as the good old needle started to climb. It landed on (my weight) and the digital froze and the needle read out the same number. Now don't get me wrong. The needle is digital too (I am sure). It is not mechanical to be an actual needle. But it looks great and is easy to read. The best feature (That I did not KNOW you could get in a scale) is you do not need to tap it to tare it. You just climb on and it reads out your weight. I did ask 2 friends over with their scales and we compared and contrasted the different readings between different brands and ages. I have to say that there was only about a 1 pound variance between all 3 so I give it 5 stars for accuracy as well. This scale IS so simple even your cat can use it. While getting ready one morning I looked down to see my Bengal cat sitting on the scale looking at me. And looking up at him was 16.6 pounds. His ACTUAL weight according to the vet scale from a few weeks back. The only suggestion I would have on this scale would be this. Is it possible to replace the 3 AAA batteries with just a single CR2032 Lithium battery like you see on most scales? Those things last for years. Great Job guys!!!!

I received the scale above and no other form of payment for this review. This is my 100% opinion and may not be agreed on by all. Facebook has nothing to do with this review whatsoever.

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