Friday, November 22, 2013

Great Invention Needs Your Help On Kickstarter

I can honest I have seen alot of new inventions on Kickstarter that seem like a nice idea but this one I have gotten to see recently blows me away. Now I'm one who loves to use the microwave like alot of people do but everyone hates sometimes how it actually cooks your food. Well thanks to these guys that just invented the greatest thing for any home to have that has a microwave to prevent dried tasteless food. They are in need of funding still and I can't imagine a better place than to donate any amount to help them get this off the ground and moving along smoothly. I can say they are close to their goal so why not give that extra push.

They only have til 12/13 to get what they need so check their demo video out today and try to help where you can then pass the word on. (demo vido can be found in the link below...)

Also before you go....

Evoluchun's Miscellaneous - Special Readership Reward Program

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