Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Ways To Follow & Clearer Stats

I wanted to let everyone know I have tried to make my blog a little easier now. If you look over to the side my stats for companies should make it a bit easier to see all my stats sadly places like Linkedin and pinterest leave me no way to show how many subscribers i have nor google plus so its somethin that companies may have to hop over to them and see. As for my followers i have tried to make it easier to follow me on youtube, google plus, and facebook without leaving my blog. Hope this helps y'all and im gonna try to venture out and start doin some vids on youtube as well so guess its best to start subscribing. Now this doesn't mean every review will be on youtube just gonna start also not all videos on my channel are based around my blog know this upfront it is my personal account as well and I feel I have nothin to hide most are about my cat at least older ones anyways. Enjoy.