Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fraas Mystical Waters Scarf Review

Thanks to FRAAS for providing me with the product/products below to review with no purchase.

I received the Mystical Waters from Fraas to review. I have had the lovely opportunity to work with this company several times. They have such nice scarves and they are always fast on shipment. I have to admit until I started gettin more scarves from them I never considered myself a scarf kinda girl. I always found them stupid unless it was a thick one that was for winter weather to keep you warm, and bein we never really get cold enough in NC for that I saw no point. Anyways this company showed me that it can be a very pretty style to drape over a outfit just to set the right look. Just like this scarf it is a very beautiful vibrant blue that looks good with just about anything. I like how since I wear alot of dark colors that if I wrap this around or tie it up in my hair it gives my outfit a way of popping with just the right amount of color added to it. It is soft around my neck not scratchy or anything just smooth I do like that cause I don't want to be left itchy. I think this is a perfect accessories for spring right around the corner and truly worth what it cost. I love that all the scarves including this one that I have gotten from Fraas never fray or unravel and make a mess either, they are very great quality and stay together well so no worries there. Check them out surely you will like this scarf or another of their beautiful treasures.

There is no other fashion accessory that makes such a strong fashion statement for this affordability and has so many flexible wearing options. Several styles can be folded as head wraps, waist wraps, sarongs, and depending on the style, even a halter top. Others do double duty and can be used as a shawl for cool nights, air conditioning, travel and, again, the creation of a chic fashion accessory statement. Easy to wear, simple to drape or tie, this line makes great sense for a self or gift purchase. Style 623949 which is appropriately named, MYSTICAL WATERS, is a very beautiful, oversized printed style that measures 40x72 inches. Therefore, it is a versatile look that can worn as a wrap or scarf. It retails for $48 and is available in vibrant combinations, including turquoise and coral options. It works with day or evening looks and is on target with its flattering palette and popular viscose yarn.

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