Sunday, March 24, 2013

Etymotic mc3 Headset & Earphones Review

Thanks to Etymotic for providing me with the product/products below to review with no purchase.

I received the mc3™ headset + earphones from Etymotic to review. I got these fast and they came in a very nice box that kept them in place nicely til you can get the box open. I took everything out and was looking at everything when I realized not only does it come with a little bag to put the headset in to prevent it from gettin damaged which was so cool. It also has several attachments to size in your ear for a great fit for anyone and best comfort. I wish I could say I could have tested out the fact that it can be on a ipod, iphone or ipad but I have none of these and my cell phone it won't fit. But I could test the sound quality of the earphones side at least on my mp3 player which is a sansa sandisk. I have been wantin to replace my headset that came with my mp3 for awhile cause they are startin to fall apart they were a cheaper headset I'm sure. I have tried many times with a headset and I keep gettin let down cause no headset has stood up to the bass sound I get from the headset that came with it. So I figured for the price these would do it, I followed all the instructions so this would fit in my ear and knock out sound like they are supposed too. Well I have a negative and a positive in this set of earphones. The positive bein the sound quality is excellent and most genres of music sound top quality downfall is the bass setting doesn't sound again not better than the ones that came with my mp3 player. Seems I will never find one that has a majorly wicked bass to it besides the ones I already got but I do think the headset/earphones from Etymotic are great in sound other wise. Not sure I would pay $99 for them when bass is the one thing off on it but don't get me wrong there is bass just not what I'm used to so if bass isn't somethin you care about then buy these for all the other reasons I mentioned that are great.

 mc3™ headset + earphones - $99.00

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