Saturday, March 23, 2013

Baci White Chocolate Review

Thanks to Perugina for providing me with the product/products below to review with no purchase.

I received Baci white chocolate from Perugina to review. I got these really fast in a cute little bag. I've never been one who cared alot for hazelnut or white chocolate but figured I would give them a try. So the first moment I bit into one of these I'm forever changed on the thought now. I love hazelnut, and white chocolate in these great little candies. They are the best white chocolate candies I have ever ate. They are such a luxury chocolate great for the way to indulge yourself after a hard day. Imagine sitting back after work or hard day with the kids and relaxing taking a bite into a silky white chocolate candy with a nice hazelnut taste together. Your taste buds excited and your mouth savoring every taste. Ok maybe a bit over exaggerate but I tell you I had to eat these slow just so I could savor every taste it was too good not too. I also love they are not as over priced as I would have imagined for an Italian candy. I mean look at most chocolates from over seas and they are super expensive but these are reasonably priced and I know I'm stuck on them now and can't wait to get some more. So to the women out there especially grab you a bag of these and hide them from the hubby and kids and take your moment when you feel stressed this is definitely somethin to relax you as you savor them. To the men yes grab you some too they are too good not too. So check out Perugina and whether you get white chocolate or you try some of their others you won't be sorry.

Perugina Baci White Chocolate, 8 oz box - $6.95

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