Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pictures On Gold Review

Thanks to Pictures on Gold for providing me with the product/products below to review with no purchase.

I received the Photo Engraved Dog Tag Photo Pendant Jewelry Necklace from Pictures On Gold to review. Where do I start well this is a company I have spent more time waiting for than getting the best from since May this year. The issues started with the Public Relations department and extends to customer service. Starting with the PR I contacted them and they asked what I wanted engraved on it. This was for a family member for christmas and yet I spent the whole year dealing with their mess sure ain't happy. If I was a customer of theirs well I would have done turned them over to BBB for sure. I sent them plain as day what I wanted engraved highlighted in red yet for some reason I got only half of it cause she said she just over looked it. Now if this was a customer issue I would think they would fix it so first I'm told to return it and they wanted me to pay for it yeah not gonna happen and I'm sure most would agree their fault so they pay for it. She then said she would fix it and have the company send me another out now keep in mind this is not a cheap item so no reason their should be issues with this kinda stuff. I emailed her like a total of 6 times from May to September tryin to get it fixed yet got no answer other than 2 times where she said she would get right on it. They can't say its a christmas thing when come on that was May and they had most the year to fix this issue. Now not gonna lie their quality is excellent I don't know if you can see the beauty in the pictures but the quality is really great and the engraving looks great as well but their company needs to learn to fix their own mess ups a little better.

Then I contacted a couple weeks back the customer service cause seriously I got tired of dealin with the PR that does nothing and I wanna show the chat below how it went down. I wish their chat showed time frames but yes I contacted them on cyber monday but they might wanna hire more people cause it seems this one guy is the only one who answers the phone every time you call as well as answers every time on chat online. It took me forever to get responses and then when I called the guy to chat on the phone later in the evening he was so occupied by everything else I don't even think he paid much attention to me as well nor did he seemed he cared that much. I'm sorry but from a business owners point of view if I thought there was a chance that someone would talk bad about my company I would do my best to make it a better experience for me instead he kept puttin me on hold and only spent maybe 4 minutes talkin to me once I called. Seriously their customer service is horrible and if you chance to buy from them I hope you never need help. Another thing amazed me the guy I talked to online was the same guy I talked to on the phone yet he changed his name..... Really sounds strange but I swear it floored me I guess to make you think their is more that work at this company than 2 people which so far is what I see. I finally gave up on this company cause the man I talked to said he would contact her about it and I then tried to email her one more time and never got a answer this company has truly got to the top of my worst list for this year and its sad cause I thought this company had potential to be somethin great, boy was I wrong. Do I recommend Pictures On Gold the answer is NO!

 Here is chat log the first time (visitor is me)

[Douglas] Hello, how may I help you?
[Visitor] I'm a blog reviewer with your company and I would like to know who I talk to about a issue I had with the Public Relations person about a item I received from your company so I don't have to leave a bad blog review about your company
[Visitor] are you still there?
[Visitor] that is who i dealt with for months i need to know who to go to about a complaint cause talking to her hasnt helped so who is over her
[Douglas] I can help you
[Douglas] but can we talk later today
[Douglas] it's very busy here today
[Visitor] yes can I give you my home number and you call me later then

after waiting like 10 mins or so jsut to get answers from him then I had to eventually close out and come back in after waiting like 20 minutes and no answer. 2nd chat before I just called them

Photo Engraved Dog Tag Pendant - $137.65 - 2/3 inch x 1 inch - Solid 10K Yellow Gold

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I received nothing but the necklace and no other form of payment for this review. Facebook is not connected to this review in no way shape or form. This is my 100% opinion and may not be agreed on by all.

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