Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Books By Susan Sherbert Review

Thanks to Susan Sherbert for providing me with the product/products below to review with no purchase.

I got a chance to review 3 books from Susan Sherbert and I was happy to do so. First I want to talk about Quirky Quotes great book I like she twisted things up a bit made them funny in some cases and then she brought alot of thought to the plate. I mean seriously I have to agree how some phrases make it to the world and no one ever forgets and yet how some never make it all. I do love hers though and it has a great meaning one day I think it will be remembered. “To improve your vision, close your eyes and focus”- Susan Sherbert - Don't ya'll think thats worth remembering I do. I love how she breaks it down into different subjects so you don't get confused and easy to look up the particular type of quotes you want. I also love how if you read a quote and you may just not recognize it well no fret there she puts the original before it and then shows you what she changed it too. I did see a few misspells but no biggie to me its not like its common I only think I saw maybe one or two in the whole thing. As far as I couldn't help but laugh at this one.

Bigger is not always better


Bigger is not always better

- try telling that to a man

Its a great book and I recommend it I don't want to give too much of the quotes in it but so far that's my favorite.On to the next book I reviewed which was Business Corny Jokes that I downloaded on my kindle.

I love how this book gives you in the beginning little fun facts I thought that was pretty awesome cause its things I didn't actually know but were cool to learn. I'm not gonna say the book was haha funny but then again it says its corny jokes so you know what your gettin into. They should make you smile though and thats what I got from the book is smiles to last through the day. Now on to the review of Christmas Corny Jokes I liked this book alot and its the perfect time of the year to read these as well. These were pretty darn funny and actually got chuckles out of me. She has done great work on all her books and I think they are great cause they all seem to have trivia sections so that a fun little thing to have in the book. The main book to review was the Quirky Quotes and I liked it as well as I did her other books although think my favorite is the christmas one. I hope all yall check out her books that I mentioned she has 52 books to look out for I think she is a great author and this is coming from another author I feel she has alot of potential.

Quirky Quotes-$3.99

Business Corny Jokes-$3.49

Christmas Corny Jokes-$0.99

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