Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Grandoe Homespun Cozee Gloves Review

Thanks to Grandoe for providing me with the product/products below to review with no purchase.

I received the aloe treated snowfleece homespun knit gloves from Grandoe to review. I couldn't wait to get these they were just so cute on the site and who doesn't love the idea that they are aloe infused. I mean everyone knows that in the winter your skin gets chapped. So not only are these gloves as cute in person but they are so soft to the touch. I slipped them on and they are so warm much warmer than any gloves I have ever had before and with winter around the corner these are a great touch. I needed somethin like these thick and all with a great lining cause we have wet snow here so normally gloves are soaked in seconds when using them outside. Its been chilly here so I was able to use these for a bit one day outside and I can honestly say when I took my hands out of these gloves a few hours later and they weren't dry and chapped like usual from all teh cold and stuff. Now I know aloe is good for your hands thats why I like lotions with it in it so i like to believe these gloves keep your hands from bein chapped probably the best invention known to winter lovers. Thanks to Grandoe they also come in other styles than the one I got so you can choose your own cuteness hope you get you a pair today because they are worth every dime you pay for them.

Homespun Aloe Infused Cozee Glove
                                                                    Price: $35.00

The Homespun Glove ($35) is a fun extended length glove with a little gathering on the sides. The length of this glove and the fleece lining will keep your hands toasty warm and comfortable. Another great style, the Homespun Cozee ($35) glove, has an aloe treated snowfleece lining to soften your hands as you wear them. The lining (polyester) is also extended giving the glove a small cuff. Homespun Cozee has whipstitch detail giving the glove a more homemade appearance. The microsuede palm is water resistant. The Homespun Glove and the Homespun Cozee are both available in women's sizes S-XL and are knit with polyester yarns. If you want more adaptability in a glove, there is also the Homespun Flip Mitt ($35). This style has open ended fingers with a mitt covering that flips up or down.  Flip it up for accessibility, flip it down for warmth. The Flip Mitt has a soft fleece lining, microfleece cuff and a pretty frosted faux fur trim on the edge of the mitt. This style is available in sizes S-L.

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