Monday, July 23, 2012

South Beach Smoke Review

Thanks to South Beach Smoke for providing me with the product/products below to review with no purchase.

I received a deluxe starter kit and an assorted pack of cartridges to review from South Beach Smoke. I got these really fast and although had computer issues I'm glad I got to see these through and use the whole pack so I can review all the the perks of this particular company as well if there is any bad. So I love that they sent us a short and a 100's style electronic cigarette so me and my ma reviewed these with her with the 100. I have been wanting to quit smokin now for a bit just haven't gotten the hang of stopping smoking regular cigarettes. I will tell you the flavors are really nice in this company they taste as they say they are although my favorite was the vanilla more than anything. I replaced my cigarettes as much as i could within the month I used this only buying a few packs here and there. I wanted to see how much it would effect me goin back and fourth and I still felt comfort in my regular cigarettes more. I really didn't think these electronic cigarettes were doin anything for me til I ran out of cigarettes and no money to buy more and I was done with all my cartridges. Boy can I tell you I got irritable and ugh just nasty state of mind I took for granted that this electronic cigarette did nothin for me just because it wasn't what I was used to but all in all it had what I craved it was the nicotine. I love that these things can charge within a couple hours and you can use again no over night charging required thankfully or I would have been more irritable. This company sells their cartridges and starter kits pretty reasonable unlike some companies which are outrageous. You definitely get great quality with this company. I do recommend if your gonna quit smoking to check out South Beach Smoke I think they are a great price start and taste for anyone who wants to quit so whatcha waitin for check them out. My mom loved them as well and has no plan to quit but yet she likes them cause she can take them in places she can't smoke.

I'm sorry no pics but when my computer crashed it took all of them with it...... :(

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I received the electronic cigarette and cartridges shown above and no other payment for this. The above is my opinion of the product only and may not be agreed upon by everyone. Facebook is not in anyway connected to this review.

3 amazing comments:

Denise G said...

Great review! I quit by going cold turkey - mind you I wasn't a big smoker.

chris said...

It is good that you tried the electronic cigarette. It is much healthier as compared to the traditional cigarettes.

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