Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sorry Been Away Computer Issues

Gotta love cyber space i swear I have not been on my blog due to the fact that my computer crashed completly even said i had no operating system. I had to wait for them to come get my computer to fix it and right now im using a rental its a laptop so im having a hard time using it cause i hate them so bad. Anyways for now it will have to do and jsut hoping it will do all i have to do here on my blog. As for I did send a text post from my cell phone to let everyone know but i log in my blog today and notice that it must have vanished into thin air cause its not posted grrrrr. Anyways that is what I have been dealin with. On top of that had heat exhaustion today so tryin to recover hoping to get my reviews bein start put up this friday or sat. However I'm gonna post the winners today after this post and again i appologize for the length of time.

2 amazing comments:

Crystal said...

computer probs. make me crazy!
well glad u r online now
hey you might get use to that laptop(but hope you dont have to wait long to get your computer back)
Happy July Danyale!!

Danyale N. said...

well they had to send the thing off so who knows how long i will be waiting so far the mouse issue is what im havin most issues with and accidentally resizing my screens and stuff its so annoying. i love i can watch a movie in bed but this computer dont have as much graphics as mine does. and now my ent is all screwy.but thanks for the kind words and happy july to you too