Monday, July 23, 2012 Review

Thanks to Popcornfliz for providing me with the product/products below to review with no purchase.

I got a chance to check out this wonderful site and review it called You can watch free movies all day long on their site you can even make them full screen and just enjoy with some fresh popcorn at home in the comfort of your pjs. Now I'm not gonna lie I wish I could afford some of the rental companies to get movies streamed but I can't and this site makes it easy to watch for people who can't always tip their pocket for change. Now granted I haven't seen any movies that just came out of the theaters kinda thing but they have some really good movies on their site. I even seen a movie that had Brad Pitt in it just so you know there are movies on their with big actors in it as well. You just pick what movie you want and watch its just that easy no sign ups no downloads no credit cards required. I love that me and some of my friends can go watch a movie together by just goin to the site picking the movie and watching it at the same time. It has a parental control on it as well so if your a certain age you won't get in without putting birthdates in although we all know people can lie. So check out grab your popcorn and watch some movies tonight I totally recommend the site and plan to tell everyone about this site.

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