Sunday, May 6, 2012

Custom Jewelry By Johan (Great For Mother's Day)

I think with mothers day right around the corner that its a bit too late to order these wonderful rings unless you want it to be a bit late but who is counting and then there is always fathers day right around the corner as well. Custom Jewelry By Johan should be on the top of your list with all the beautiful stuff he makes its a complete work of art. I love the craftsmanship he puts into every piece of work he makes. He not only just carries titanium rings but he also can do inlays of stones and stuff in rings plus you can get it personalized and have them engraved to say whatever you want. Whether this be a great present for a special day like mother's day or father's day or its for a wedding day or just because you love someone then definitely check his site out first. All his rings are absolutely great quality and are very durable and you get exactly what you want when you order. No pics will ever do his work justice cause its so much prettier in person. All the prices are so worth it when you get the rings you will know what I mean cause the quality itself makes it better than other rings I have bought other places and spent more money. So make sure to check out Custom Jewelry By Johan for any custom rings you might want for your loved ones or just for yourself.

Here is some great ones for mother's day or father's day either one..

Tungsten Ring inlaid with Antler
- $399

Tension Set Titanium Ring - Hand Carved - $476

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