Monday, April 23, 2012

Repurpose Review

I received the hot cups from Repurpose to review. I got these fast and I got them for my mom cause she is always on the go and she has to always have her coffee so figured this would be great for her to try. They kept my moms coffee hot and she said she also loved that even though they were hot cups they also kept things colder longer inside of them due to the great insulation. She loved that they are environmentally safe and free of bad chemicals that cause alot of issues these days. They are so easy to dispose of and she gardens alot so she loves they can be put in compost for her plants. No after taste when drinking from it never effects the flavor of whatever is in the cup either. You can even use it more than once if you like cause after she had coffee in one and drank it all she was able to have a second cup of coffee cause the cup was not flimsy and all it holds together quiet nicely. These are great for people on the run and for people who care about the environment at the same time. Plus garden lovers really would love these cause once their using just throw them in compost and the world is a little greener. So check out for yourself get you some cups from Repurpose and find out for yourself how great these little cups really can be for you and the environment.

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