Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine's Day Love Letter To My Baby....

This is to the person who has touched my heart in so many ways I never knew existed. To my baby this wonderful valentine's day I'm so glad your in my life and not sure what I'd do without you at this moment if I never met you. I think fate brought us together and we both needed each other more than we really thought we did. Know that my heart is yours love I have started falling for you everyday since you called me your girl. I never thought I could let someone into my heart any time soon but I never knew that you would have no problem whatsoever knocking that wall down. You make me smile with the littlest of things you do even a small text saying your thinking of me makes me so warm and fuzzy inside. There are so many days I don't even think I could explain to you if I wanted to how I feel when I'm with you but I can tell you a few things I feel with the little things you do. There are butterflies in my stomach when I hear you say my name. When you tell me you missed me or been thinking bout me I feel so warm and loved thank you for that. I can't say I really ever knew what it was like for someone to care as much as I do for them and then for them to show it and not try to hide it from others thank you baby for not holding back showing me how you feel for me. I so wish I could be in your arms every night but I think the moment we meet it will be more magical than we ever could have imagined. Its amazing baby you make me want to do things in my life that I thought were just a joke but now my dreams seem to exist with you. You make me want to do things and feel things I never knew existed. You have lit this fire in me that makes me want to be a better person. I love how in my whole life everyone knows I have a short temper that I take a bit to cool down and I usually stress hard over stuff, but with you your the only one who can calm me down so easily and I don't know why maybe the tone in your voice or the words you say or maybe just cause I can hear the care in your voice. You give me something to look forward to every day I get out of bed and I just can't wait to talk to you about anything, about nothing. I never knew I would truly find the man who did something unexpected to my heart, the man who gave me a fairytale feeling and always treats me like a princess, like his princess. I never knew when I met you that we would get so close and you would be what I wanted so much in my life. Before I end this I was always told and I told you just the same if you feel love yell it at the moment you feel it or the moment just passes you by......... I LOVE YOU BABY!!!

I received no form of payment for this besides a box of truffles from Grammarly. This is part of the Valentine’s Love Letter Campaign and is 100% my own words and I was not influenced at all. Written words make a difference. Together with Grammarly grammar checker we are on a mission to saturate the web with words of love.

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